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Mealtime In A Multi-Cat Home

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Different cats can have different nutritional needs, even if they live together. Here’s how to handle mealtime in a multiple cat home.

If you have more than one cat, you may need more than one type of feeding routine. Just as the age, lifestyle, and health of each cat can vary, so too can their dietary needs, in terms of the types and amounts of food they should receive.

Varying Diets in a Multiple Cat Home

For example, if you have an older cat, she may benefit from a senior diet that has high protein levels to maintain lean body mass, while a kitten will need a very specific diet to help her grow and thrive in her first year of life.

On the other hand, an overweight adult cat may benefit from a weight-management diet that still provides the nutrients she will need, while having fewer calories and/or more fibre than a standard formula.

How to Feed Multiple Cats

If your home has different cats with different dietary needs, you’ll need them to eat from different bowls — which will require some adjustment if they typically dine together from the same bowl.

You may want to try feeding them at the same time but in different rooms. If you feed them at the same time in the same place, be prepared to prevent them from straying and eating from each other’s bowls. After a period of time, however, they should adjust to their new eating routine with less policing from you.