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Dog treats

Strips, sticks, nuggets or biscuits - whatever your canine companion desires for their treat time, we've got the dog treats that are sure to please their taste buds.
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Beggin' Bacon Strips

BEGGIN Strips Bacon Flavour Dog Treats

Beggin' Bacon n' Cheeese Strips

BEGGIN Strips Bacon Cheese Flavours Dog Treats

wild chew dog new medium

AdVENTuROS ™ Wild Chew with Venison Medium Dog Chews

wild chew for big dog

AdVENTuROS ™ Wild Chew with Venison Large Dog Chews

adventuros rich in buffalo thumbnail

AdVENTuROS ™ Training Bites with Buffalo

adventuros rich in turkey 120g pack thumbnail

AdVENTuROS ™ Training Bites with Turkey

adventuros rich in venison 120g pack thumbnail

AdVENTuROS ™ Training Bites with Vension


TUX Tasty Bones Original Dog Treats


TUX Tasty Bones Minis Dog Treats

Are you after canine treats that will impress your four-legged companion? At Purina, we take treats seriously. So we've made them not only irresistibly delicious, but also full of nutrients and incredibly chewy. There are so many flavours to choose from that you’re sure to find the perfect dog treat that will have your dog begging for more. Whether you’re after a training treat to reward good behaviour, tasty dental chews to help clean your dog’s teeth or just a snack to spoil your pet every once in a while with, there are plenty of dog treats to choose from. Browse our range of dog food today!