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Our Community Partners

We are proud to support leading charities who share our values, from pet welfare organisations to those promoting responsible pet ownership.

At Purina, our passion for pets, as well as our commitment to helping loving pet owners give their pets everything they need to stay healthy and happy, goes far beyond our products.

We also see it as our responsibility to nurture and support deserving causes, to promote the highest standards of pet care, to prevent cruelty and to share our understanding and experience with others.

We are proud to support, in a variety of ways, leading charities who share our values, from pet welfare organisations to those promoting responsible pet ownership. Our philosophy is to work together with key partners to create programs that bring real, tangible benefits to pets and the people who love them.

Find out more about three of our community partners here.


We are very proud to be working with SPCA to help feed a better future for pets.

At PURINA we believe pets and people are better together and are guided by a passion for pets. That’s why we are proud to be providing over 80,000 kg of pet food each year to feed the cats and dogs of SPCA.

We are dedicated to assisting in the rehabilitation and re-homing of rescue pets throughout New Zealand. PURINA is proud to support a range of leading pet welfare organisations and charities that share our values, in a variety of ways – supporting those who dedicate their lives to improving the life of domestic pets, as well as organisations promoting responsible pet ownership.

Every shelter pet deserves a second chance at life. Through adoption, our four-legged friends are able to leave their pasts of neglect and abandonment behind them and become beloved family members and lifelong companions.

Click the link below to find out more about the work SPCA carries out for animals and our communities.


The New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Association Incorporated consists 157 Sheep Dog Trial Clubs spread throughout the country. These clubs are grouped for administration in to 13 centres. Each Centre has two representatives on the New Zealand Council, which administers the affairs of the New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Association Inc. under the direction of the executive committee.


BARK NZ (Building Awareness around K9s) is a registered charity dedicated to supporting our communities by providing education to children on how to be safe around and have positive experiences with dogs. BARK NZ’s aim is to reduce dog bite statistics in children under 12. BARK NZ utilises a network of volunteers around the country to implement the Program.

Purina has proudly supported BARK NZ since 2015 and some of the ways we support them include: 

  • Supporting various fundraising and outreach events that BARK NZ has in the community throughout the year including the BARK in the Pool event.


Hearing Dogs NZ

Hearing Dogs National Charity exists to enhance the independence and wellbeing of deaf and severely hearing-impaired New Zealanders through the provision of specially-trained Hearing Dogs, to internationally recognised standards.

Purina has proudly supported Hearing Dogs NZ since 2004. 

We, at Purina, are extremely proud to feed the hard-working hearing dogs across the country Purina® PRO PLAN® and are committed to communicating the work Hearing Dogs NZ do to a wider audience. 




PRO PLAN and Dogs NZ

Purina PRO PLAN is a proud partner of Dogs NZ since 2020. Dogs NZ is the largest organisation of dog owners in New Zealand with a strong focus on healthy, active, well-mannered dogs and responsible dog ownership.

We share many of the same beliefs as Dogs NZ on the role that our companion animals lay in our society, and importance of responsible dog breeding through the Dogs NZ Breeders Code of Conduct and having a well-trained dog with the Canine Good Citizen programme.

As part of this partnership, Dogs NZ and Purina support NZ dog owners and breeders in highlighting the important role that nutrition plays in all stages of the dog’s life.

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