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TO ALL PET LOVERS: We would like to assure you that we are considered an essential business. Purina is operating as normal, our supply chains are open and all efforts are being made to ensure we can keep the stores stocked with product as best as we can during these uncertain times. We ask everyone to shop as normally as possible and to be considerate to ensure everyone can get the food they need for their pets. Please be kind, patient and considerate to other shoppers and all store staff during what is an unsettling time for all. Enjoy the extra time at home with loved ones, your pets will no doubt love having you home. We are still here for you, if you need any assistance our Pet Care Advisors are still available on 0800 738 847 or

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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing is important to ensure we use high quality ingredients in our products and also the health of the environment.


We can trace every single ingredient back to our trusted suppliers. Our experts don’t just monitor our ingredients once they arrive at our factories—they evaluate quality from the source.

Quality Assurance

Before working with a supplier, our technical team conducts rigorous sampling to ensure the ingredient meets our Purina standards. View our standards here.

Suppliers must adhere to our stringent criteria, so it’s not easy to become a Purina supplier. Initial assessments can take 12 months or longer to complete, depending on the number of facilities.


The Purina Steps to Finding a New Supplier


Identify suppliers to source our quality ingredients. We look for suppliers whose values align with ours before we even do an on-site visit.

Purina care - Audit


We audit the supplier’s facility. If a supplier has multiple facilities, we inspect and approve each location separately. 


Study the integrity of ingredients through regulatory, food safety and toxicology reviews.


We practice responsible production of our accessories and make sure we reuse and recover any excess materials, so nothing is ever wasted.


Conduct ongoing monitoring and assessments at set frequencies based on the specific ingredient supplied.
We consider several criteria when evaluating a new supplier.  

Our Suppliers Must

  • Comply with local laws and regulations
  • Practice ethical and responsible employment, including safety, health and workplace environment standards
  • Do their due diligence in responsibly caring for the environment
  • Have overall ethics that align with Purina’s values


How We are Minimizing Environmental Impact

Because ingredients make up the biggest percentage of our carbon footprint, Purina is committed to minimizing our global environmental impact through the following commitments:

  • 2025 we’ll reduce our carbon emission by 20%
  • 2025 move to 100% renewable electricity in our factory in Blayney, NSW
  • 2025 all packaging is to recyclable
  • 2030 move to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions
  • 2050 have net zero emissions

For any questions about our responsible sourcing commitments, please contact our Purina PetCare Advice Team