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When, Where and How Much To Feed Your Cat

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You can help improve your cat’s mealtimes by knowing when, where and how much to feed them.

Help your cat avoid mealtime disruptions by placing their food and water dishes away from foot traffic, noise, and their litter box, in somewhere that is comfortable and easy for them to reach. When there are multiple cats in the home you can ensure each has easy and equal access to food by providing multiple food bowls in different locations. Using a plastic mat or newspaper under the dish makes for an easier clean up. You can help to encourage and maintain healthy hydration by keeping clean, fresh water available at all times.

Establish a routine so that your cat is fed at the same time each day. By using your cat’s name when feeding them, you can help to reinforce their name while associating you with a pleasant activity. If you are feeding a dry cat food, you can put out a whole day’s supply in the morning (very convenient for those working long hours) or feed half in the morning and half at night. Another advantage of dry cat food is that it can help keep your cat’s teeth clean and their gums healthy.

Knowing the right amount to feed your cat is important to ensure they are receiving all the nutrients they need whilst avoiding unnecessary weight gain. You can help ensure your cat is fed the optimum amount by always measuring the amount of food provided. For a proper feeding program, follow the feeding instructions on the cat food package.