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Weight Management

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4 ways you can help your cat return to her ideal weight

Research shows that overweight cats are more likely to develop problems associated with being obese. In addition, overweight cats are at risk of urinary tract and constipation problems.

The good news is that you can help your cat return to, and maintain, her ideal body weight with the right approach and nutrition. Here are four of the best ways to get started:

  1. Correct nutrition: By choosing the correct nutrition with the right balance of protein, fat and fibre, you can help promote healthy weight loss and weight control. There are some nutrition plans specially designed to help your cat reach these goals. Your veterinarian can also assist you in choosing a nutrition plan that helps your cat reach her ideal body condition.
  2. Measure each serving: Follow the feeding guidelines on the back of Purina packs, and measure carefully. You can also help keep your cat satisfied all day by dividing her daily food allowance into multiple meals.
  3. Limit Treats: If you give your cat treats, work with your veterinarian to determine a treat allowance, such as 10% of the daily calories.
  4. Exercise

You can also help your overweight cat lose her unwanted pounds by encouraging her to stay active with regular exercise. Here are some activities you can use to help her lose weight:

  • Put some distance between your cat and her food. If you leave dry food out, put it in a room apart from where your cat sleeps.
  • Try offering part of the daily food in a feeder toy that encourages manipulation to dispense the food.
  • Get your cat to run. Use toys and wand toys to encourage movement and activity.
  • Leave safe toys out to encourage your cat to play on her own. This is important if you are away from home much of the day. Rotate the toys frequently to keep things interesting.

By following a combination of the above steps you can make a real impact to visibly improving your cat’s weight and well-being.