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Your Pet, Our Passion.

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Your Dog’s Diet

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Our Global Nutrition Philosophy

We’re pet lovers ourselves, and we believe all pets deserve nutrition that goes beyond industry standards. From advancing the way kibble is made to employing over 400 scientists and nutritionists globally, we work continually to push pet nutrition forward for dogs everywhere.



What Do Dogs Need to Thrive?

Dogs, just like humans, have complex nutritional needs. It can be hard for owners to understand every facet of what their dog needs, but they needn’t look beyond their pet food. Purina complete pet foods provide a 100% complete and balanced diet for pets. At Purina, we reflect dogs’ natural needs using our quality ingredients. One common misconception is that dogs are carnivores. The reality is that even their wolf ancestors eat only 70% meat. Today’s dogs are omnivores, built to consume a more balanced diet – and that’s a good thing. Depending on the breed, dogs can live twice as long as wolves.

To understand your dog’s needs, let’s look at his physiology:


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What Goes into Our Dog Food?



Real meat provides the flavours dogs love and the high-quality protein they need.


Dietary fats are a rich source of energy. Essential fatty acids are key in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


A mix of vitamins and minerals provides complete and balanced nutrition while supporting a healthy immune system and promoting a shiny, healthy coat.


To help support strong bones, your dog needs calcium and phosphorous.


Vitamin A and taurine help keep your dog’s vision sharp.



Diet Trends - How They Stack Up for Your Dog



Omega-6 fatty acids are found in plant sources whereas Omega-3 fatty acids are typically found in marine sources. These fatty acids are important components of a dog’s diet and have a variety of biological functions, including promoting healthy skin, coat and immune system, and helping to regulate inflammation.


Raw diets may not provide dogs with the complete and balanced nutrition they need. These diets may also expose dogs to the threat of food-borne pathogens.

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The Power of Corn

Corn has come under scrutiny lately in discussions about human food and pet food alike. Less than 1% of dogs may have sensitivity to corn. Therefore, we stand behind our decision to include corn in the majority of our products. Until our scientists can find evidence that removing corn would benefit dogs, we won’t do it.

Read about the new scientific study that supports our belief that grains are good for dogs.


What About Table Scraps?

Dogs may enjoy a table scrap or two, but that doesn’t mean they should be a large part of your dog’s diet. That’s because most human food doesn’t provide the complete and balanced nutrition dogs need. In general, table scraps are not good for your dog and we recommend avoiding them.



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