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Turkish Van

The beautiful Turkish Van is distinguished by her chalk-white body and coloured markings on the head and long, plumed tail. This curious feline has powerful hind legs that allow her to jump on otherwise hard-to-reach spaces. The sweet, loving breed likes to be involved in whatever is going on and enjoys curling up on a lap. A slow-maturing breed, the Turkish Van takes three to five years to reach maturity.
Living Considerations
  • Good in multi-pet households
  • Not hypoallergenic
Did you know?
The Turkish Van is a rare, ancient breed that developed in central and Southeast Asia, in areas known today as Iran, Iraq, southwest Soviet Union and eastern Turkey.
Turkish Van
  • Size Medium to large, with males weighing 4 to 9 kilograms and females weighing 3 to 5.5 kilograms
  • Coat Semi-long, fine, cashmere-like
  • Temperament Energetic, mischievous, intelligent
  • Grooming Weekly
  • Shedding Yes
  • Vocalisation Loud