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Are there any allergy prevention methods that apply specifically to cats or dogs?

Yes. A good way of preventing allergic reactions is to keep them regularly bathed and groomed.

A quick background on cat allergies:

Many people are allergic to cats. People often assume they’re allergic to cat hair, and thus believe that short-haired cats are more allergy-friendly. In reality, it’s more likely they are allergic to a protein in cats’ saliva, which gets on cats’ skin when they groom themselves. To help people with allergies avoid exposure to a cat in the workplace, employees should make sure their cat is well-groomed, and they should clean up any shedding that might occur. They should also keep their cat in a gated area if necessary.

A quick background on dog allergies:

Dogs regularly shed skin, which some people may be allergic to. Some dogs barely shed, while others shed a lot. High-shedding dogs are more likely to trigger allergies. If an employee’s dog is causing sneezes, it might be a good idea to contain him in a gated area. If a dog is causing more severe allergies, the dog should not visit the workplace. A good way of preventing allergic reactions is to keep dogs regularly bathed and groomed.