Will cats and dogs fight with one another?

Pets should be leashed or gated to keep separate. If prone to fighting they should stay home, and get training. If fight starts, separate pets, check for injuries and calm pet. Bring pets on separate days.

We suggest keeping dogs and cats on leashes or in gated areas. This lets them stay in their own space without roaming and playing too aggressively with one another. Any pets that are prone to pick on other pets should stay home. If their owners want to bring them to work, they can opt for behavior training to help their pet learn to play nice.

If a fight does break out, the owners of any pets involved should immediately separate the pets and take them to a neutral space to check for any injuries and calm the pets down. The pets involved should be kept apart until they learn better behaviour. If two pets in particular don’t get along, their owners can coordinate with each other to bring them in on different days.