What should I do about damaged packaging?

Where we always try to ensure that your pet food reaches you in perfect condition, sometimes accidents can happen. Find out what to do here.

Here’s more detail on spilt and damaged packaging.

Damaged pouches

Damage to pouches can happen in the production and packing areas of our factories. Mechanical arms can catch a pouch when packing or they can come through the sealing machine at a slight angle, causing a tiny opening at the top.

We’re always looking to improve processes, so gaining as much detail as possible about the damage you’ve encountered to share with our Quality Assurance teams is always very useful. It is also extremely helpful if you can have the batch code to hand or included when contacting us.

Bags and boxes

Damage to boxes and bags of food can occur at any point in production or within the supply chain. Please share with us as much detail as you can about where the damage is on the packaging, along with batch codes, that way we can pass it on to our Quality Assurance teams.