What if there’s mould on food I’ve just opened?

Sometimes things can go wrong with our packaging, whether that's in transit or the warehouse. Find out here what to do if you find mould on your pet food.

We offer our sincere apologies if this does occur with a product you’ve opened. We’re also always keen to know the details.

Wet product

If possible, it’d be great if you could take a photograph of the mould you’ve encountered and share this with us via the below contact form. Please include the batch code from the product packaging. Once you’ve done that, feel free to dispose of the product. We know how awful gone off wet food can smell.

Dry Product

Please contact our PetCare team so that they can ask the Quality Assurance teams to investigate. We may need to ask you to return the product and packaging, so if possible, please keep it safe. When you contact us, it would be extremely helpful if you have the batch codes and product details to hand.