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English Foxhound

Prized for his stamina, keen nose and determination, the English Foxhound is a versatile hunter whose roots in Great Britain date before 1800. Like most hounds, the breed is independent and can be stubborn. Bred to run long distances in a pack, the English Foxhound needs adequate exercise, but his short coat requires minimal maintenance.
Living Considerations
  • Good with children
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for apartment living
Did you know?
The English Foxhound is one of the rarest breeds in the U.S.
Also Known As:
English Foxhound
  • Size Medium/Large
  • Height Approximately 60 centimetres at the shoulder
  • Weight 25 to 35 kilograms
  • Coat Short
  • Energy High
  • Colour Any hound colour or combination of hound colours including black, tan and white
  • Activities Agility, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Conformation, Running
  • Indoor/Outdoor Both