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Feeding Highly Active and Working Dogs

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There are some dogs that simply use more energy every day, whether because of their temperament, their job or their owner’s lifestyle. Rather than just feeding them more and more food to keep up with their increased energy needs, it is better to provide them with a special diet that is highly digestible and energy dense.

PRO PLAN® Performance is the perfect choice for your high energy dog because it contains more calories in every mouthful than regular PRO PLAN® adult dog formulas. PRO PLAN® Performance is formulated with higher protein levels to nourish muscles, a higher fat level to provide a high power energy source, anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids and contains high quality chicken.



If you enjoy an active lifestyle and like to exercise with your dog every day, or your dog participates in sport like agility or sheepdog trials, it is likely they will require specialised nutrition such as PROPLAN Performance to keep them in ideal body condition

Some dogs have a faster metabolism or a more nervous temperament, which means they burn more calories just doing everyday things and keeping condition on them is harder. Dogs with jobs that require them to be very active, such as police dogs, working farm dogs or search and rescue dogs, will often need a higher energy diet. Dogs with short coats that live outdoors, may need extra nutrition to stop them losing weight during the coldest months of winter.
PRO PLAN® Performance is an All Life Stage formula, which means it is also suitable for pregnant or nursing bitches and for feeding puppies.

For more information on highly active dogs please contact our Purina Pet Care Advice Team here.