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Border Collie

Prized for his intelligence, herding instinct and working ability, the Border Collie was developed more than a century ago in Britain. An intense and tractable worker, the Border Collie is a highly energetic breed that thrives with vigorous exercise, a job and space to run. The Border Collie is an affectionate family dog that does best with mature children due to his tendency to herd people. His coat sheds seasonally and requires regular brushing.
Living Considerations
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for apartment living
  • Good with older children
Did you know?
The Border Collie became popular in the 19th century when Queen Victoria became a fan of the breed.
Also Known As:
Scottish Sheep Dog; sometimes confused with the related Welsh Sheep Dog ('ci defaid' in Welsh)
Border Collie
  • Size Medium
  • Height Males - 48 to 56 centimetres at the withers
    Females - 45 to 53 centimetres at the withers
  • Weight Males -13 to 20 kilograms
    Females - 12 to 19 kilograms
  • Coat Medium/Long
  • Energy High
  • Colour All colours or colour combinations
  • Activities Agility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking
  • Indoor/Outdoor Both