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Sussex Spaniel

A hunter of small game with excellent stamina in the field, the Sussex Spaniel has a massive, rectangular body with large, low ears and an outstanding nose. Although this breed has a somber, serious expression, he is friendly and lively. The Sussex Spaniel has an even temperament and is devoted and gentle around the house. His thick coat, which can be flat or wavy, should be brushed weekly.
Living Considerations
  • Good with children
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for apartment living if adequately exercised
Did you know?
The Sussex Spaniel originated in the 18th century and was one of the first 10 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club when it was formed in 1884. The breed’s name is derived from Sussex, England, home to the first Sussex Spaniel kennel established by Augustus Fuller.
Sussex Spaniel
  • Size Medium
  • Height 33 to 38 centimetres
  • Weight 16 to 20.5 kilograms
  • Coat Feathered
  • Energy Medium
  • Colour Golden liver
  • Activities Conformation, Hunting, Tracking, Field Trials
  • Indoor/Outdoor Both