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The Best Black Cat Names

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If you're lucky enough to have a new charcoal kitty in your life, find here the perfect name to go with that slick dark fur. We've taken our inspiration from the popular culture, the world of celebrities and we looked into the magic side of things too.

Out of all the kittens out there, black cats have the top choice when it comes to picking names. Unique, mysterious and moody, black cats have inspired countless of stories and superstitions. So if you are looking for the best moniker for your black cat, the sky is the limit. With so many cool black cat names from pop culture and mythology, to all the clever word associations you can make based on their dark looks, you're one of the luckiest cat owners out there. Here is a list of the best black cat names you can choose from.


Popular Black Cat Names


A perennially popular black cat name, Shadow is definitely here to stay as one of the coolest cat monikers. Symbolising darkness and mystery, here is a name that will match the enticing looks only a black cat can get away with.


Olive has won its place on the best cat names list for being the classic female black cat name so many owners choose for their coal kittens. And when you start thinking about all the sweet nicknames you can come up with - from Liv to Livy and Oli - you will love this name even more.


Black cats have the unique ability to almost disappear when you turn off the lights. If it weren't for their gorgeous sparkling eyes, you would completely lose them until the morning. So if your cat has the habit of coming to say hello in the middle of the night (and scaring you out of your wits in the process), it's only fair to choose Spooky as your black cat's name.


We believe that all the bad luck myths and superstitions are just a gross misrepresentation of the fun and lovely nature of black cats. If you agree with us why not choose a name that will show the world just how fortunate you are to have such a ball of joy in your life.


Inspired by the black pepper used to give a spicy taste to food, Pepper is the black cat name you need for a confident kitten that plays by their own rules. If you can't stop your new feline playing games and chasing everything in sight, you've just found the Pepper in your life.


Black Cat Names from Popular Culture


Sylvester is a great black cat name for all the kittens that love the thrill of chasing.

Inspired by Sylvester J. Pussycat Senior, the animated cat from the Looney Tunes cartoons who can't stop going after Tweety Bird even if he gets defeated every time, you're definitely going to take your friends down the memory lane with such a beloved name.


Figaro is another reference from pop culture, this time out of Disney's playbook. He is Pinocchio's spoilt little black kitten with a heart of gold and a smile to die for. If the description matches the new cat in your life, that's the winner!


Selina is the secret identity of Catwoman, a beloved character from the Comics world and a master-acrobat to boot. It's also the perfect black cat name for the agile and intelligent new kitten in your family.

Black Panther

Here is a black cat name for all the superhero kittens out there. If your new cat already shows strength and speed beyond their tiny size - and if you have a knack for the Comics universe too - Black Panther it is.


The dark-haired little girl from the Addams Family cartoons, Wednesday is the perfect name-match for a charcoal kitty with a strong personality. And if you notice flares of defiance every once in a while, your black cat is definitely the feline version of this famous character.


Magic-Inspired Black Cat Names


Get straight to the heart of the matter. Black cats are magic and if your new kitten keeps mesmerising you with just one look, don't shy away from a supernatural name such as Voodoo. It even sounds like a cat name once you start saying it out loud a few times in a row.


If you are looking for a truly magical name, Hex is as cool as it gets. Hex means "to spellbind" and if your kitten manages to capture the hearts and minds of everyone they meet with their sheer cuteness, this is the black cat name to settle on.


If you are looking for a good reference from popular culture to bolster your cat's dark credentials, Salem is the way to go. The black cat name from Sabrina the Teenage Witch will give connoisseurs a clue for your cat's independent personality. In the show, Salem was a warlock sentenced to spend 100 years as a black cat for trying to take over the world. Even if your friends don't know the ins and outs of dark coming-of-age stories, they'll surely appreciate a good moniker when they hear one.


Celebrity-Inspired Black Cat Names


We say the singer's famous jet-black hair is a brilliant reason to have your black cat named after Elvis. After all, your cat's good looks deserve a suitable moniker, so why not go for one of the most well-known and celebrated names? Your cat's coolness levels will go through the roof.


Your new black cat will always be the prince of darkness in the house and if you've been looking for a name to match, we say Ozzy, the rockstar legend aka The Prince of Darkness himself, is definitely a name worthy of your consideration.

So there you have it - 15 awesome black cat names to choose from! Picking the perfect name is just the beginning of your amazing journey together. Make sure your kitten has the smoothest transition to family life with these helpful guides for welcoming your cat. Learn everything you need to know about cat vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and get yourself equipped with all the tips and tricks that will certainly make life as a new cat owner much easier and a lot of fun.