White cat with blue eyes on red leather chair.

Top 10 White Cat Names

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Find the perfect name for your ball of fur. We put together the finest selection of white cat names for you to choose from.

Who can resist the soft, snowy coat of a pure white kitty? If you've already fallen for the pristine beauty of a white cat and getting ready to bring home the new ball of fur, you're probably seeking inspiration for someone to give you a name worthy of such a stunning addition to the family.

Snowy and Snowball might be obvious choices, but there are tonnes of more unusual choices out there. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 white cat names, each name ready to spark that 'aha' moment once you finally find the perfect match.


1. Casper: the friendliest white cat name

If your cat is the cuddly, loving kind, here is a white cat name with a friendly ring to it. And if they like to go exploring on their own, making themselves 'invisible' for hours, what other white cat name even comes close to this brilliant choice? Casper the friendly ghost has warmed hearts across generations and his name is only suitable for a cat ready to do just that all over again.


2. Frosty: is it the colour or the personality

For those veritable feline ice queens that take a little time to warm to new people, Frosty is the white cat name you've been looking for. You can't go wrong with a name matching both the colour and the personality of your new companion at the same time.


3. Elsa: royal inspiration for an elegant kitten

There are some white kitties that exude royalty vibes. If yours is the one to effortlessly move around and truly own the house and everything in it, you need some royal inspiration from Frozen. Elsa the Disney princess of ice and snow is right up your cat's alley.

4. Duchess: the classy white cat name

Another Disney favourite is the classy white cat Duchess from the animated movie The Aristocats. For all those elegant, pampered felines out there, this is the white cat name to go for.

Timeless and beautiful, Duchess is one of the all-time favourites.

5. Flower: a clever white cat name

If you're game for a bit of word-play, why not go for a quirky white cat name well-loved by both cats and their owners. Flower (a homonym for 'flour') might just be the right fit. Start calling your cat by this name and if it makes sense to both of you, congratulations - you've got a companion that shares your sense of humour!


6. Boo: for Halloween-ready cats

Another idea from the witty category of white cat names, this is a short, snappy one but full of warmth and affection. For felines that like to sneak around before making a sudden appearance, Boo is just the right name a surprising white cat. As an extra bonus, Halloween will instantly become the favourite time of year for both of you - you'd better start looking for a matching ghost costume!


7. Khaleesi: the pop culture-inspired white cat name

Game of Thrones has already gone down in history as one of the best TV shows ever. So what if there is only one dragon queen? There is no one better to pull off such a cool name than a white cat. If you love it, go for it!


8. Dumbledore: capture the magic of a white kitty

Here is another beloved white-haired character you can draw inspiration from. If you feel like your white cat can see right into your soul and has a wisdom beyond their years, this slick magic is worthy of a wizard's name. Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise might just be the one.


9. Bunny: the cutest white cat name

If your white cat reminds you of the other white cuteness in the animal kingdom, who are we to stand in the way of a perfectly matched white cat name?

Sure, you might raise a few eyebrows and a short moment of confusion when you ask friends to meet your Bunny and a cat pops up, but if this warm-hearted moniker totally fits their personality, they better get used to it!

10. Stormy: a personality match for your feline friend

For temperamental and dramatic cats with lots of personality, Stormy is the perfect name. Capturing all the sense of a flash of bright white lightning, this name is ideal for cats who move quickly throughout the house.

We hope our ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for an awesome white cat name. If you still find it difficult to settle on one, our advice is try not to overthink it. Why not ask your kitten? Try out a few options, start calling them by a few different names and see which one they respond to. Soon enough they'll let you know what their favourite name is so you can finally start writing the caption to your first picture together.

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