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Caring for Your Dog’s Sensitive Digestion

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Some dogs may experience sensitive digestion, and might need a food that can provide them with a nutritionally balanced diet, without giving them an upset stomach.

Your dog deserves to have a healthy digestive system. When he is given all the nutrients he needs, along with a tasty meal, you’ll know about it! He’ll be thriving, energetic and bursting with life. For your dog to be healthy and living life to the full, a sensitive diet may be required. A healthy digestive system will absorb the nutrients from food and turn them into energy. This energy will help to enable your dog’s protective immune cells to create a barrier between him and any harmful microbes and toxins. All in all, a healthy digestive system will give your dog a happy and fulfilling life.



If your dog’s stools are consistently soft or poorly formed, your dog may have a sensitive stomach. Occasional diarrhoea and loose stools are normal for dogs, usually due to a microflora imbalance. However, if this is a frequent occurrence, a sensitive stomach could be the cause. This may be a sign of a food intolerance or an allergy. If you think this could be the case for your dog, get your vet to examine your dog.

There are lots of different types of dog foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs which could be more suitable for your pet. For more information, consult your vet.

For more information on caring for your dog’s sensitive digestion please contact our Purina Pet Care Advice Team here.