With nearly 60 years experience in making quality food for generations of kiwi dogs, the TUX team understand their unique requirements and know just what they need to stay happy, healthy and full of life.


TUX has been made in New Zealand for nearly 60 years for kiwi dogs. From Cape Reinga to the Bluff we know what Kiwi dogs need to keep them full of life and fit as a fiddle. There is a TUX range of lifestage products to suit every dog. Baked right here in Marton New Zealand you know that you can trust TUX to offer complete and balanced nutrition.



  • TUX Junior
  • TUX Original
  • TUX Mega Meaty
  • TUX Small Dog
  • TUX Active Mature 7+
  • TUX Bones
  • TUX Mixbars
  • TUX Energy
  • TUX Country

Product Benefits

Dental Health

Crunchy texture reduces plaque and tartar, preventing bad breath and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Minerals (calcium and phosphorus) help to make teeth strong.

Muscle Development

Quality meat meal provides the proteins that are necessary for the development and maintenance of muscle.

Healthy Skin and Coat

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids provide energy and help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


With vitamins and minerals including vitamin A to aid vision.

Strong Bones

Calcium and phosphorus controlled by vitamin D aid the development of strong bones.


Wholegrain cereal is a rich source of fibre and carbohydrates, which helps aid digestion and provide energy

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