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Pets at Work Starter Kit



So your workplace has made the leap and decided to become pet-friendly? Congratulations! We’re ready to help with our best suggestions. We made this kit to help you get started. Read up on these materials, print the ones that you find most useful and hang them wherever people will be able to read them.


Our Pets at Work Kit


1. Etiquette Guide

Pets at Work programmes only work if employees understand just what they’re responsible for.

2. Signs For Your Office

You’re going to want the whole world know that you’re pet-friendly. You’re also going to want to let pet owners know where their pets aren’t allowed.  

3. Pledge

When employees decide to bring pets to work, it’s important that they promise to follow the guidelines your workplace sets out for them.  

4. Office Checklist

Pets coming into the office soon? You’re going to want pet owners to know just what to bring. We created a short list for you to post up in the workplace so they will make sure not to forget something important.

PURINA Pets at Work Toolkit


Before you dive in, make sure you consider these factors:


1. Liability

It’s important to be aware of any limitations or precautions involved with a Pets at Work programme. For example, you’ll definitely want to work with your company’s lawyers to draft a liability waiver before you do anything else. Please note that our example is only shown as a suggestion, and cannot serve as your company’s waiver. We suggest your company contact your legal representative to create a version that suits your company’s culture and needs.

2. Employee Enthusiasm

Make sure your employees are already excited about having pets at work. Start by checking out our tips for drumming up employee enthusiasm.

3. Allergies, Landlords, Pet Behaviour and More

There’s a lot to think about before making pets a part of your workplace culture. Check out our FAQ to learn about being respectful of allergies, clearing your programme with your building owners and more.


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