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UPDATE: To our Valued Pet Owners: We apologise for any difficulty you may have been experiencing getting your hands on your pet’s favourite foods recently. Unfortunately, like many companies, we are experiencing significant delays due to global supply challenges, and we are working as best we can to limit this impact on you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Vet Nurses for FREE advice on 0800 738 847 or AskPurina@nz.nestle.com who can help recommend some alternatives. We are grateful for your loyalty and are always here to help.



OPTINUTRITION® provides scientifically proven benefits which target specific health needs to accompany your pet throughout their life. It means that, whatever's going on in their world, you'll find a nutritional solution to match. You can rely on Purina® PROPLAN® throughout your pet's life.


You’ll be amazed at what your pet can do with the right care and nutrition. PRO PLAN can help you provide both, with high-quality nutrition and expert advice.


Every dog has different nutritional requirements and their needs will change at different times in their life. Purina® PRO PLAN® new range with OPTINUTRITION® is our latest innovation to match all of these needs. It’s our most advanced and efficient combination of nutrients which has been developed using cutting-edge science and it is expertly applied to your dog’s nutrition.
OPTINUTRITION® provides scientifically proven benefits which target specific health needs to accompany your dog throughout his life.


    With colostrum proven to strengthen a puppy's natural defences to combat daily challenges for an optimal start in life


    Helps keep dogs at their peak condition with advanced scientifically proven nutrition that targets the specific needs of adult dogs throughout their life


    Helps reduce the risk of adverse food reactions, and is a combination product to support skin conditions and stomach sensitivities


    Contains a prebiotic proven to improve digestive health, microflora balance & faecal consistency 


    Proven to be effective for healthy weight & weight management. It helps to reduce hunger & maintain muscle mass during weight loss


    Increases endurance for highly active and working dogs and aid muscle recovery and joint health 


  • Meaningful and proven benefits
  • OPTINUTRTION® targets the specific health needs of dogs and cats, whatever their size, lifestage or special needs.
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Unique mix of ingredients at precise levels
  • Better health, visible improvements, superior taste

Available from selected pet stores, vets and rural stores nationwide.